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Organization/Group of Merit: For the Love of Wildlife (FLOW)

Wildlife is humanity's true treasure. It inspires in us a sense of wonder and it fills our hearts with contentment. By watching wildlife play out their crucial roles in an environment filled with the struggles of surviving, the brevity of their existence should remind us the natural world is as harsh and ruthless a world as it is beautiful.

Wildlife is facing its biggest threat: extinction. Humanity faces the real risk of species extinction from habitat destruction, human wildlife conflicts, exploitation, and overuse. The disappearance of one species will impact an entire ecosystem. Small changes lead to big changes on an already fragile ecosystem which will have long-lasting and far reaching effects on biodiversity. To maintain a healthy planet, all the cogs in the wheel must remain intact. 

An added threat to wildlife populations is hunting. While hunting for food was once a crucial part of human survival, it has now evolved into a recreational sport. Millions of animals are vi…

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