Organisation/Group of Merit: On Lyme Foundation

It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we introduce you to Huib Kraaijeveld, author of Shifting the Lyme Paradigm and founder of On Lyme Foundation, as he courageously devotes his life to altruistically helping those facing Lyme disease to find answers, healing, and treatment. Through his own thirty-year battle and triumph of Lyme (yes, he shows us that Lyme disease can in fact be overcome), he has been able to, and continues to, serve as a vessel and conduit for immense healing for hundreds of thousands who would have otherwise been left to fend for themselves, perhaps with no answers to their debilitating ailment.

According to Huib's research, Lyme disease is caused by the bite of the deer tick, lice, through human pregnancy (passed on from mother to child), blood transfusion, sexual intercourse and possibly via other insect bites; with symptoms that can strike at any time and in very diverse ways. From sudden blindness to paralysis without warning, many of the symptoms of this disease leave patients and caretakers feeling like the problems may be merely caused by mental insanity or psychological ailments. Huib's personal story about his own battle with Lyme is an extraordinary and alarming one to read.

Unfortunately, this is a very overlooked disease, one which seems to be out-of-radar and swept underneath the carpet all too often. But the reality of the situation is that Lyme is a fast-growing epidemic, with close to a million new infections in the United States per year. Three years ago, the CDC reported that number at only 30,000 per year! The rate at which this infectious disease grows, is alarming, to say the least.

Through On Lyme Foundation, many who have faced debilitating symptoms that often prevent them from functioning on a day to day basis, have found answers to their seemingly endless prayers and questions! Let us all take a moment to honour Huib and his noble endeavors as We, at Gamma Alpha Draconis, have nominated and agreed upon On Lyme Foundation as an Organisation of Merit for our endorsement. Huib was nominated by Heidi De Gols and the nomination was cast two weeks ago to the society. Through On Lyme Foundation, Huib has been lifting the veil covering our eyes in regards to Lyme disease.

Huib's book, Shifting the Lyme Paradigm, serves as a guide for those who strive to be a companion to loved ones facing this often overlooked global epidemic. He has created an incredibly in-depth yet easily understandable field guide for those who have Lyme disease, through exploring ayurvedic medicine, spiritual, and physical aspects of this manifestation whilst delving into many other aspects. It is on these pages that Huib sheds light on this epidemic and devotes his life to Lyme research so that it may be brought to the forefront and gain recognition, testing, and treatment measures under our current system where it goes unrecognized, overlooked, and even denied a medical diagnostic code.

Huib took an enormous leap of faith by publishing his priceless book and in turn has saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective treatment, literally saved lives, and is revolutionizing the healthcare system as we know it. His approach is dynamic, holistic, and heroic. His heroic measures reach out into eternity, forever impacting lives. 

OnLymeFoundation Website presents a transformative platform through which you are able to access and add personal stories as well as find a wealth of relevant information upon using the provided online Lyme Library. This website is geared towards "helping the helpers." The aim and success of it is to provide knowledge and services to the caretakers of Lyme disease patients through the following seven intentions:

1. Self-help: finding and using one's own oxygen mask first
2. Helping: offering practical, local help to each other
3. Information: more know more than one alone
4. Connecting: creating local expert networks
5. Choice: creating a weighing system to chose best
6. Organizing: enabling collective action
7. Leverage: creating real impact

It is through Huib's efforts that we are able to see a light at the end of this tunnel or 'labrynth', as he puts it, and feel a peace in knowing that there are answers to this epidemic. He exposes us to the hidden hallways and byways of Lyme and for that we are very grateful. He assures us that it does not have to be a life sentence and that we are in fact not crazy despite what we may have been told for every symptom we have been presented with, that have no immediate answers.

By directing our attention unto his efficient work and advocacy, we are participating individually, we are taking initiative to drastically alchemize, revolutionize, and touch the world as a collective. Through his writings, we are given clear guidance and direction to begin our own initiation of global-wide healing. Eltanin Thuban Draconis invites you to take a stand with us, with Huib, and with all those facing Lyme disease, so that we may together make a difference.

In Huib's words:

"The most important question for you might be what you can do on this journey, while governments, science and the medical system do not yet have the needed knowledge and solutions to fix Lyme. This requires temporal social solutions, building healthy social ecosystems around our ill friends. Being ill is shit enough without having to deal with unnecessary suffering caused by misunderstanding by the social environment. So the next topic to focus this questioning on is what Lyme can mean on a spiritual level. Is your goal to take the Ring away from your friend or to help him carry it towards Mount Doom? Stay tuned... "

Learn more about Huib: 

Country: the Netherlands
Born in: 1971
Infected in: 1970-1974
Start complaints in: 1974
Lyme discovered in: 2007
Cured: yes!
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