Event of Merit: Journey with Tigers; July 26 - 31, 2017

Event: Journey with Tigers photo exhibition

Logistics: The exhibit will be on display July 26-31, from 11 am to 8 pm; with an Opening Reception on Tuesday, July 25th, 6-8pm in Gallery #5, National Art Gallery; in Association with Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Headed by: Khan F. Hasan


Khan Hasan was nominated by Anika Bruns in Germany. The nomination was filed directly with me, Arch Magus and Founder of Eltanin Thuban Draconis. The nomination piece sent to me was intimate, detailed and thoughtfully written. I would like to share that message here directly with all of you, as follows:

"I would love to nominate someone with his project :). Actually, it is the friend who told me about your books and recommended you, as he is inspired by your work. He said once to me he wants to be a "Scottish sky" and showed me what that means with one of your books! :) He is an artist and an animal activist and I have never met a person in my life who is more passionate about a topic which is important to him. His name is Khan F. Hasan and he is a professional photographer from Bangladesh. We know each other from tiger conservation and now he is planning to do his second solo exhibition with his tiger photographies in the National Art Gallery in Dhaka. With this exhibition, he wants to spread awareness to the people of Bangladesh as the Bengal tiger is decreasing and there are only about 50 tigers left in the wild in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. He is very passionate about it and wants to waken his people that it is not too late but soon it will be and the tiger will be extinct there.

I am from Germany and founder of a small animal welfare organisation named TiPla. I want to support Khan with his mission and will be a sponsor of the exhibition. But I can't help him much alone. I will be also present at the exhibition which will be end of July, including 29th of July, which is International Tiger Day. I think this project is a really good way to show people how important tiger protection is and the tigers need every support they can get. :)"

Soon after receiving the nomination, we at Gamma Alpha Draconis took a vote and Khan's event was unanimously accepted as an honorary Event of Merit. Our very first Event of Merit presented and applauded by our society!

I then reached out to Khan in an email and received a very heartwarming reply, which I am joyful to share with all of you, too! His response details how he came to know me and my work, which shines light on the beauty of serendipity and the sometimes very approving hand of destiny. See his message as follows:

"Dear C. Joybell C.

I was lost once. I searched hope and self confidence everywhere. On my way of searching, books were my true companion, and your inspirational writings always helped to me finding my way and still guides me. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness through your kind words. They taught me to look over the horizon and made me believe in me once again. Your kind words of hope and wisdom were always there during my difficult times.

Your initiatives on recognizing individuals or groups or events effort on inspiring general people were a blessing for me. Your own words gave me that hope to write to you. I have reason to believe that if your words worked on me they will work for our tigers too. If you write for our tigers and my humble effort on raising a general awareness, this will give our tigers an international attention. They need it the most.

I am not a writer and English is not my mother language. But I tried to explain the matters on my photography career and my causes on saving the last true tigers in wild. I tried to be very accurate though I have thousands of more words to say which remain unwritten. If you need more information on the matters please ask me. I am always at your service.

Writing to my favorite author on my favorite work will always be my favorite memory.

Sincerely yours,

Khan F Hasan"

I have genuinely enjoyed meeting and corresponding with Khan and with Anika. They are warm and expressive individuals. I knew that I wanted to write this article, myself, because their appreciation of my work and of my efforts inspired me to want to express my appreciation for them, as well.

Here is a long letter from Khan, which is designed to express and explain his mission, vision, and career in an in-depth way. Anything you could imagine you'd like to learn about the delicate presence of tigers living in the wild, can be found here. Khan expresses his viewpoints and his mission with dignity and with clarity; I invite you all to read what he has to say!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the event, as this would require some serious travel plans on my part. However, I wish I could make it, and I encourage YOU to try to! And if you cannot make it to Khan's Journey of Tigers event, you can at least raise awareness for his plight and encourage others to do the same. And at the very least, you can help Khan simply by educating yourself on his story and the story of his tigers. 

I am proud to head a society of esoteric learners who see it as our collective goal to help bring attention to people in this world who are doing good without receiving the attention which they really do deserve. Eltanin Thuban Draconis is a non-profit organisation in the monetary sense; however, we do profit in Karma, by doing good for these people who really do deserve it! Good Karma is our profit and we are not ashamed to say that!

Help us to help Khan and others like him. It's almost International Tiger Day in July! But there's still time to raise awareness of this event and even to book your own tickets! We are proud to name Khan Hasan as the owner of our first Event of Merit and we stand by him and his cause. If you would like to cast a nomination for an Event of Merit (or Organisation of Merit or Person of Merit), please feel free to contact us and formally cast your nomination. The nominee, if voted in, will receive a Badge of Merit which they are free to display and to use as they please.


  1. I have been there in the exhibition and was amazed by this particular animal species. It has the grandeur and the elegance of the king yet the tenderness is like a child. Even it's ferocity could not take away the spirit. To me a tiger is a personification of life itself. The only sad part is that we are really losing the spirits..inner and the personified ones, the tigers


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