Who We Are

Eltanin Thuban Draconis 

Gamma Alpha Draconis

Society of the Fire Keepers
Serici et Gladium 

Eltanin (Gamma Draconis) is the brightest star in the constellation Draco, found as the eye of Draco. It is also known as the “Zenith Star” due to its proximity to the zenith point directly overhead London. This star is 471 times more luminous than the Sun.

Thuban (Alpha Draconis) is located at the tail of Draco and is 250 times more luminous than the Sun. It was the North Pole Star (a.k.a. Pole Star, North Star) from 3942 to 1793 BC.

The dragon is the easily-understood and easily-identifiable image of the Seraphim. Seraphim comes from the Hebrew noun seraph, meaning, "fiery flying serpent". Draco also means "fiery flying serpent". The dragon image is the transliteration of the Seraph angel into art form. The Seraphim The Seraphim, along with the Cherubim and the Thrones, are among the highest order of the angel hierarchy. The Seraphim are the angels who embody fire and who shield the throne of God. Outwardly, in order to be easily understood by the masses, we identify with the constellation Draco. But inwardly, we identify with the Seraphim.

Eltanin Thuban Draconis is an esoteric society founded by C. JoyBell C. on March 12, 2017, comprised of professionals from various parts of the world who have come together to study and to practice what is honourable, what is true and what is beautiful.

Founded upon the modern-day Dragon Creed, we are a brotherhood which aims to utilise dragon sight in order to offer clear-seeing guidance to those who need it. We are neither white nor black; but we are the presence of both white and black: we are the balance.

"... to you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are both alike to you." Psalms 139: 12

We are the Fire Keepers, we balance the Inner and Outer Flames. We are not an organisation claiming to be saviour to humankind, or to anyone at all. We also do not claim to have certain enemies that we need to fight and overcome. But we are a fraternity claiming to have the ability to see. We will see what is there, plainly as it is. We do not see all things; but, we see all the things that we need and should see. Our element is Fire, but we have no quarrel with Air, Water, Earth.

Each member of this society effectively promotes sustainability in each of their own fields. Sustainability of commerce, sustainability of art, animal welfare, human welfare, social justice, human relationships, the environment and sustainability of happiness. Each member is an effective and capable individual in his/her own right. Together, we bring our unique skills to a shared table and through our individual and collective prestige, we lend credence to the actions of other organisations and societies; to the actions of policy makers and movers and shakers. We do not hide our faces; we are not hiding behind an organisation— we are the organisation.

We aim to endorse organisations and up-and-coming individuals whom we unanimously deem to be an important force for the right kind of change and development that the world needs to see at any current given time. When an individual or a group is endorsed by our society, this individual or group of people will be endorsed by each member in their respective fields and circumference of influence. A friend to the society is a friend to each member of it. If you gain merit with the society, you gain merit with each one of us and we will bring credence to your vision, work and person.

If you would like to contact us as an organisation, individual, or a policy maker seeking endorsement or affirmation of credence from our society, please contact the founder directly. Morevover, we sincerely look forward to helping charitable organisations and drawing attention to organised events for good, socially sustainable causes. Feel free to contact the founder for these purposes.

If you would like to contact us for personal guidance, please choose a member of our organisation whom you would like to speak with. The society does not guarantee in any way that we will able to fix your problems or to fix your life; however, we can guarantee that we will try to steer you into the right direction. Members of the society may choose to reply or not to reply, depending upon their current work loads or personal loads in life, at the time of contact. There might not always be someone there to answer you; nevertheless, if there is someone ready and willing, you can be sure that they will try to communicate with you.

The only method of acceptance to our esoteric brotherhood is through divinatory means. We will never accept members through membership fees, nor do we believe that arcane knowledge should be liberalised and thrown about blindly to the masses.


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