Letter from the Founder

       I know that the most probable question for anyone to have, upon discovering that I have founded an esoteric society, is, "What authority does C. JoyBell C. have to start an esoteric brotherhood?" And I acknowledge that as a legitimate question. Other than the fact that I write esoteric works, what would give me the authority as Arch Magus? I am happy to entertain that question.
       I delved intensely into the study of Western Mysticism and Kabbalah, for 4 years, with a fifth year of study taken less intensely than the prior 4. I studied Gematria and Aramaic; Solomonic Mysticism and Egyptian Mysticism; Jewish Mysticism/ Kabbalah; Norse Mythology and Greek and Roman Mythology; Celtic Mythology and Rosicrucianism; Theurgy and Sacred Writings (Passing the River, Malachim, Strokes of the Magi, Elder Futhark, Solomonic Latin); Hermetics and Alchemy.
       A few years back, I was invited to join The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, for free, to receive lessons under their highest ranking authority figure. I declined this offer after giving it much thought. I don't have anything against the Golden Dawn Order, and I am continually glad that I was invited so prestigiously, I only declined the offer because I felt like joining a pack at the time was not for me.
       I am also the great granddaughter of the Taoist High Priest "Keeper of the Yin and Yang", High Priest of Xiamen, China (a long time ago). Moreover, I am the granddaughter of a long line of Freemasons and Eastern Stars, although I have joined no such orders, myself. I feel that the sacred orders of the modern day are infiltrated by politics, greed, and liberalism. In founding Eltanin Thuban Draconis, I aim to restore what once was: the sacred honour of the Original Magi.


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